David Nelson Band – Merchandise

David Nelson Band Merchandise

Image Of DNB CD "Once In A Blue Moon"

NEW 2014 –   David Nelson Band Studio Release!  
$15 +S&H For CD  /  $9.99 For Download

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David Nelson Band

Once In A Blue Moon

Track Listing:

1. Any Naked Eye
2. Talkin' Back
3. Suite At The Mission
4. Film At Eleven
5. Different World
6. Cut And Run
7. I Don't Need It Anymore
8. Rocky Road Blues
9. Come Away
10. Earl's Girls Advice
11. Different World (Full Version)
12. Once In A Blue Moon








Image DNB Crystal Bay Live CD Front

David Nelson Band Live –  DOUBLE CD  $20 +S&H

Crystal Bay Casino Crystal Bay, Nevada June 27, 2009

Entire show fully mastered and matrixed This show is available for free download at www.archive.org and www.btree.org, but is now available for purchase for the download challenged or those preferring a manufactured copy.

David Nelson Band

Crystal Bay Live

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. Long Gone Sam  
2. Sweet Melinda 
3. I’ve Been All Around This World
4. John Hardy’s Wedding 
5. Friend Of The Devil 
6. Slidin’ Delta 
7. Free Mexican Airforce 
8. Wicked Messenger 
9.Encore: Rocky Road Blues

Disc 2
1. Willie & The Hand Jive  
2. Snakebit 
3. The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest
4. To Cut & Run
5. Stella Blue
6. Turkish Nut Roll
7. Ghost Train Blues 8. Box of Rain


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