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Nelson Family Vineyards Details:

 Katie Skene will be opening the Show at NFV on Saturday.
  She'll be performing by Invitation from John Molo and Myself.
Solo and with support from some of the DNB during her set.

A beautiful day for a show! 

There are a limited number of tickets available at door at 50.00 per person.
Please do not arrive before 1:30pm!  Back lot opens at 1:30
We will open gates at 2pm And will have food and drink available to purchase.
At 3pm when music starts back lot closes. Front lot opens. it is a bit of a walk.
So we suggest everyone try to arrive before 3pm.

The vineyards spent over $1,000.00 in road work and dust prevention.
For this reason They are charging 15.00 per car for parking if there are less than 3 people in a car.
This is to encourage carpooling and recoup some of the expense.

Okay to bring Low back chairs Blankets Not Ok Outside food or drink in venue.
Dogs or pets Barbecues or open flame Large vehicles will be made to park way back by the barn. Very Far!
LIMITED INS AND OUTS Another words if you need sunscreen or diapers ok. To go out to car and pound beer NOT OK!
All lots will close 1 hour after event is over.


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